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  • SAVI. SAVI provides data about Central Indiana communities and tools to analyze and visualize the data.
  • Improving Kids' Environment (IKE). IKE is a not-for-profit corporation based in Indianapolis that works to reduce environmental threats to children’s health.
  • Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC). The HEC "is devoted to identifying the biggest environmental challenges facing Indiana, and uniting people toward a solution." The website includes several environmental justice-related resources.
  • EPA EJView. EJview "is a mapping tool that allows users to create maps and generate detailed reports based on the geographic areas and data sets they choose. EJView includes data from multiple factors that may affect public and environmental health within a community or region."
  • EPA EJ Tools & Resources. Page includes general EJ materials, grants and funding tools, toxics and hazardous waste resources, air quality resources, and information on environmental enforcement, among other resources in English and other languages.
  • EPA HRS Toolbox. The HRS (Hazard Ranking System) Toolbox page provides current guidance documents that may be used to determine if a site is a candidate for inclusion on the National Priorities List.
  • IDEM EJ. Indiana Department of Environmental Management Environmental Justice.
  • Website contains a variety of scholarly and practical resources, including key documents, general background materials, studies, and legal and policy tools.
  • Harvard Working Group on Environmental Justice, Document Archive and Reference Series. Website contains a ton of resources related to EJ at the domestic and international levels.
  • IUPUI Archaeological and Historical Survey of the IUPUI Campus. Provides a wealth of information on the environmental history of the urban campus and its impact on surrounding areas. Includes historical data relevant to modern environmental justice issues.